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Understanding personal challenges….


Families, businesses and individuals face unprecedented challenges in today's often chaotic and uncertain economic environment.   Through our thorough and unique planning process, enTrust can help you identify and resolve immediate concerns.  More importantly, however, our process will help you tackle long term issues well in advance of their becoming a problem.  Through our unique and comprehensive process, we help you to prepare to meet your long term needs.    


Our unique approach to financial planning has proven to be an effective method which helps answer such questions as:


-          When can I retire?


-          Can I afford to retire?


-          What lifestyle can I expect in retirement?


-          Should I refinance?


-          Should I “downsize” my home?


-          Can I afford to “upsize” my home and lifestyle?


-          Can I afford to sell my business or practice?


-          How much must I set aside for my child's college expense needs?


-          Is my family financially protected should I become disabled or die?


-          Is the kind of investment risk I am taking appropriate for this particular time in my life?


We believe questions like these must be addressed and the solutions developed years in advance of the anticipated event – and not the day the challenge arrives at the door. 


As an independent financial planning firm, we strive to educate our clients on the benefits and pitfalls of the many choices before them.  And through our planning process, our objective is to guide you as we develop a cohesive and harmonious financial plan together.


Cash Flow and Net Worth Analysis


     Understanding trends…


Long term financial planning is viewed by us as a series of choices.  Some of those choices bring a conflict - what a person may want to do and what they need to do with each choice brings a person either closer or farther away from their goals.  We believe that financial decisions made over a period of time do matter and carry significant financial consequences.  And through our unique financial planning process we will show you the consequences of these choices – whether already made or contemplated. 


To help you to understand the possible consequences of your many financial choices, we have developed an industry unique Cash Flow and Net Worth Analysis.  Our analysis is the foundation of our planning process as it provides you with a simple visual road map of your financial path as based on the financial “choices” being made over the course of many years.


     Answering questions and preparing for tomorrow…..


With our detailed “cash flow study”, we apply your questions and concerns about the future through projected “what if” scenarios.  Our financial planning process will help you to better understand the consequences of your financial choices and the affect of these choices on your long term financial planning goals. 


Not saving enough?  Our analysis will show you the trends and consequences of that decision.  You want to retire at a specific life style?  Our analysis will show you whether such a goal is realistic as based on your current circumstances and trends.  In short – ours is a proactive approach which identifies weaknesses to your current financial course before they become serious problems.  Our approach equally highlights the strengths of your current financial course to give you assurance that you are moving in the right direction.    And finally our approach gives alternatives to consider as we help you build you the road map to get you to where you want to be financially.


     Financial Planning is more than numbers…..


Much of our daily life has a financial planning impact – both short and long term.  Life insurance, long term care, 401(k) savings, college savings, investment returns, income tax, estate tax, the list goes on.  Through our financial planning process, we believe it essential to develop a comprehensive strategy when developing your personal financial plan. 


As a multi disciplinary team of professionals, enTrust advisors work together to help you realize your goals and help you to confidently navigate your life through the complex financial, investment, estate, insurance and tax environments.



Your Planning Team


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