Pension Department

Rick Schenkelberg has run our pension department since joining enTrust at the end of 1979.  He can be reached at (216) 292-6450 or via email

He has provided tax and planning advice to professionals and closely-held businesses on such diverse matters as ESOP implementation, retirement plan design, tax planning strategy, estate planning and other business and tax matters. 

Rick specializes in cash flow studies, accounting projections, ESOP studies and projections and solving personal and corporate tax problems.

Rick is supported by Charlene Flynn as Pension Assistant Manager.  Char has been with enTrust since 1974 and can be reached at (216) 292-6450 or via email at




Pension plans are of key importance in personal and business planning. 


Because of their cost and complexity, it is vital that these plans be carefully monitored to ensure that they meet the sponsor’s objectives and comply with legal requirements.


Our Pension Department can offer its services as part of a comprehensive personal or business plan or on an independent basis. 


Our menu approach allows you to select any or all of the services you need. 


We can analyze your situation, make recommendations, implement changes, develop new plans or terminate existing ones, and communicate changes to employees.  


We offer full service plan administration that frees you from many of the daily burdens of plan maintenance.


We emphasize creative customized plan designs and personal service. 


Each member of our staff possesses detailed technical knowledge and practical experience that is necessary to see the whole picture. 


It is this knowledge and experience that enables us to design creative solutions that work.



Pension Services




I. Identify Personal and Business Objectives
II. Analyze Existing Program, specifically
  a. Compliance
  b. Plan Document
  c. Are objectives being met?
  d. Effect on cash flow and income tax
III. Recommend Changes
  a. Modify existing plan
  b. Adopt new plan
  c. Terminate existing plan
IV. Implement Changes
  a. Adoption Agreement/individually Designed Plan
  b. Government filings
  c. Communication to employees


On-Going Administration


I. Periodic Valuation of Plan
II. Reporting to Participants
III. Government Filings


Sample of Issues Reviewed 

I. Defined Benefit versus Defined Contribution
II. Employer Funding versus Employee Funding
III. Qualified versus Non-Qualified Plans
IV. Employee Stock Ownership Plans
V. Distribution Planning
  a. Timing
  b. Tax Consequences / Personal and Estate
  c. Method of Distribution

Project Consulting